Young Widows To Play Soda Bar

By Kaitlin Perry

What’s that saying, once you go black you never go back? I think the same goes for music. Think about it. Once you heard bands like The Black Keys, Black Mountain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Black lips, could you ever go back to the time where you didn’t listen to them? There’s something about darkness in music that makes me feel like a more well-rounded and experienced person. Being able to appreciate the darkness for what it is is a skill that those who listen to 93.3 on a regular basis are lacking. Why? They never listened to a band with the word “black” in their name.

Enter Young Widows, an up-and-coming band that has dark album art, dark videos, dark/deep instrumentals in their song, dark lyrics, a dark name that could easily include the word “black” (hello, black widows) and certainly conjures up images of blackness – I could go on and on. But maybe the press release said it best:

I’d like to offer Young Widows as a healthier rock alternative to Tyler, the Creator: both trade in dark, monolithic music steeped in atmosphere, and both offer engaging, amazing live shows. No need for ethical concessions with Young Widows’ lyrics, though; they’re rife with dark imagery sans sensationalism.

I needed no more convincing, and immediately checked the album out. It’s good, really good. And the band’s show on the 12th of June is sure to be anything but a letdown. Music like this calls for emotion and passion, both for the lyrical content and the ability to play it live. No passion = no darkness. I’ve developed a craving for a darkness that differs from that of a bar with the lights turned low. I’ll trade electro beats for a gritty guitar any day.

Check the music video for yourself, and buy your ticket ASAP. The doors of Soda Bar open at 8 p.m. and tickets are a mere $10. Sold at the box office only, an authentic show like this is worth the spontaneous trip to Normal Heights on a Sunday night. It’s summer, so there’s no such thing as spending the night before Monday sitting in front of a computer, reading S T E M posts.

Old Skin – Young Widows from Jeremy Johnstone on Vimeo.


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