By Karli Massie

It struck me at once,
the subtle yellow painted on either side of
the diminutive bird perched next to me.
My body leaned towards her
against my will.  A sign from the universe.
Kismet maybe.

 I was stuck.
She had taken hold of me
and rooted me to the ground.
In her I saw myself.
Quiet, steady, sure.  But fleeting and free;
Capable and ready in a moment
to fly.

And so she did.
It was unexpected, and yet so sure.
And in this great contradiction, that fleeting
moment, I did not hide my amazement
there, at the city center.
I made myself a spectacle.
A witness to the way

Life is.


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One response to “Yellow

  1. elegant imagery,
    reading you is like going to Heaven, keep it up…

    Invite you to join poets rally today,
    Visit me and add your entry via linkz, have fun making new poetic friends.
    Bless you.
    Enjoy a graceful weekend.

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