NewVillager Redefines Mythology

By Ryan Coghill

NewVillager: a band that considers themselves less of a band and more of a vehicle for creating art that is “everything.” NewVillager referred to this “everything” in an interview with AllSaints Basement as a mythology, which is self-defined as “a system of understanding how we make art,” which for them is, “essentially the universal cycle that underlies everything.”

While this vision might sound overly ambitious to say the least, what would the world be without musicians and artists making bold statements? If it weren’t for bands that had some sort of zeal for their projects, all the shit out there wouldn’t even smell bad.

NewVillager’s music smells great. A keyboard, guitar and drums create songs with uplifting melodies. The music is danceable in a relaxed and solo session kind of way, and it inspires drawings, paintings, films and writings. This seems to be NewVillager’s everything.

To see a band with some true dedication to their work, come check NewVillager out at the Belly Up Tavern on Friday, June 24. They’ll be playing alongside Titus Andronicus and Okkervil River. It should be an interesting show – perhaps you’ll see something life changing.

For further proof of the extreme levels of creativity that flow through NewVillager’s veins, check this video and excerpt from an IFC article about it:

Red is the pull of past, green is the present, blue, the push towards future. “Black and white characters represent the catabolic and anabolic forces underlying the action,” Bromley explained. “We set this little system of people in motion and ran the camera through it as observer-participant to see if a new, higher-ordered equilibrium would emerge among us.”



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