Leaves Of Thought: Tree Of Life Is An Experience

By Sarah Jorgensen

When is the last time you saw a movie that haunted you?

Before I saw Tree of Life, I couldn’t name a single one in recent memory. This is a movie that moved me off center and made me think really hard about my place in the world, and these thoughts have continued to plague me days later.

Tree of Life, the most recent release by famed and mysterious director Terrance Malick, is not the type of movie you should actively watch. Instead, I advise you to simply absorb it and let it happen to you and think about it later. You may land up thinking about your childhood, religion or something totally different – this is a movie that has a meaning defined by the viewer.

Without revealing too much, the movie revolves around a family living in the 1950s. While the entire cast is strong, Brad Pitt truly stands out as the family’s tough-love patriarch. The three child actors were fantastic, too, and captured the magic of childhood in their close moments together.

Go to see Tree of Life as soon as you can and simply let it happen to you.


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