Jealous Shmealous: Lana Del Rey

By Kaitlin Perry

A while back I wrote an uber-long post about my girl crushes here. It discussed how the girl crush is less lesbian fantasy and more a mix of envy and admiration, two feelings that perfectly describe how I felt after I watched Lana Del Rey’s video for “Video Games.” I saw her picture on Pinterest (yep, Pinterest) and immediately needed to know why she was famous. Google took me to her official website, which immediately plays her music video. As soon as I hear her voice I was sold. Reminiscent of a more soulful, less raspy Cat Power (and slowly becoming a regular comparison to Adele), Lana Del Rey (real name Lizzy Grant) is definitely deserving of her growing attention.

Her lyrics are nice to listen to and seem to make you compare your own life to the story she’s trying to tell, but it’s the way she sings them that makes the song. This girl can change her voice any which way, and that’s pretty hot/intriguing/listenable. Her beautiful, slightly crooked face is a mix between Julia Roberts and Brigitte Bardot, and her nostalgic outfits and hairstyles perfectly enhance the depth of her songs. She also makes her own spliced up music videos that are near genius, if you ask me.

Check her out, if not for her music than for the unique style of her vids. And read this Pitchfork thing on her. While some of the questions may be stupid, her answers are pretty smart and interesting.


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