Like Crazy: A Film For The Romantic Hipster In All Of Us

By Graylin Porter of YepIndeed

I just finished watching Drake Doremus’ breakout film of this year, Like Crazy. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and I can most definitely see why. I’m not quite sure if I loved this movie as much as I did because it is truly worth such praise, or if I am simply in love with the subject matter and its shameless pandering to hopelessly romantic hipsters like me.

It is the relatively uninteresting story of Anna, played brilliantly by fresh-faced Felicity Jones, and Jacob, played by Anton Yelchin. Yelchin is cute as a button, save for a brief bit involving some unfortunate facial hair. The film chronicles their long distance love affair between Los Angeles and London. Anna is a young Brit who overstays her visa, thus banned from reentering the U.S., and that’s about it as far as plot is concerned. However, what makes Like Crazy so crazy good is its frighteningly realistic depiction of a long-distance relationship in these days of texting, e-mailing, etc. I have found myself in this situation before (I married my husband for a visa, so this film hits home for many other reasons) and Yelchin gets it just right. In one such scene, he dances with his girlfriend in a bar while simultaneously texting with Anna back in the UK—it strikes a chord by focusing on these little interactions throughout our daily lives that pack such an emotional punch.

While I was slightly dissatisfied with the conclusion of this film, I don’t hesitate in recommending it. It is a continuation of other indie romances such as Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, (500) Days of Summer and Once, meaning it is beautifully shot, expertly acted and full of unnecessary angst.

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