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The Best Thursday Ever: Hillcrest’s Taste ‘N’ Tinis PLUS The White Buffalo At The Casbah

By Kaitlin Perry

Post-grad Thursdays aren’t as fun as they used to be. Instead of parties in Mission Beach, most of us maturely sip on wine and read books. But now that it’s the holiday season, Christmas parties are literally taking place every single weekend. What better way to get yourself in the mood for White Elephant and Secret Santa than a night on the town, filled with festive cocktails, free samples and moving music at Hillcrest’s Taste ‘N’ Tinis, and Casbah’s White Buffalo show.

From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. THIS Thursday, Dec. 15, I’ll be sampling my two favorite things, food and alcohol, at Hillcrest’s Taste ‘N’ Tinis – and you can too! With ticket sales benefitting the Hillcrest Business Association, Taste ‘N’ Tinis will feature over 30 restaurants offering samples of their menu offerings, as well as boutiques providing holiday cocktails and much-needed shopping deals. Even better? Free gift wrapping for the unique gifts you purchase. Taste ‘N’ Tinis is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the holiday season like a grownup, and to experience what Hillcrest has to offer. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 day of. If you plan on trying the irresistibly named cocktails (Scroogedriver, Candy Cane Cosmos, YUM), you must be 21. Purchase your tickets here, and then head over to the Casbah’s website to purchase tickets for your next event: The White Buffalo.

Ah, The White Buffalo. His music has been featured on two of my favorite shows (Sons of Anarchy and Californication), and my good friend’s band, April Ventura & The Magnolias, is opening up for him. I told you it was the best Thursday ever.

The White Buffalo’s live show is described as powerful, and his music is reminiscent of the blues, meaningful folk and the Lost In The Wild soundtrack. His latest EP, titled Lost & Found and released on Dec. 6, is music at its best. The songs (my personal favorite being “Insane”) have a perfect tempo, their stories are relatable and they conjure up images of Jax Teller and Hank Moody being, well, moody and hot. The White Buffalo’s full-length album Once Upon a Time in the West is set to be released in February 2012, and should probably be my Valentine’s day gift, hint hint.

But don’t take my word for it (even though you should). Check out The White Buffalo’s website here, look at how long his hair is and then admire his album artwork. Sold!, for $12 tickets in advance, and $14 at the door.

Opening for The White Buffalo alongside April Ventura is River City, a band that is also folksy, amazing and soulful. I’m seriously so excited, so come join me for the perfect Thursday evening.


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Upcoming Shows that are Actually WORTH the Money !

By Kaitlin Perry and Ryan Coghill

17 October: Chromeo and Mayer Hawthorne.

If you don’t know who Chromeo is, you’re either over 40 or addicted to Top 40 radio stations. I’ve seen Chromeo twice now, and both times have been all smiles. It’s hard not to when your ears are filled with funky electro and autotune. As one reviewer writes, “the dancing doesn’t stop until the lights come on” – a very true statement.

The group, made up of two Canadians, has played sold out shows and uber-popular music festivals, including Coachella and the much-missed Street Scene. They will be playing House of Blues on Oct. 17 (Monday) alongside the also-funky Mayer Hawthorne, whose violent yet entertaining video for “The Walk” is worth a looksee.

18 October: Metronomy and Newvillager

Well-known for the positive energy and ability to invoke mosh pits at their live shows, Metronomy will be providing entertainment at Voyeur on Oct. 18. With a new album released in September, and previous albums that resonated well with reviewers and fans alike, the band is guaranteed to make the always-daunting trip to downtown San Diego worth your while.

Standout tracks on newest album The English Riviera include the poppier yet Fever-Ray-esque “She Wants” and the relatable “Trouble.” But really, every song is fun and inevitably good live. They’ll be accompanied by NewVillager, a band that also puts on an intriguingly upbeat live show. See a previously written article about the band here.


22 October: Spank Rock

“Everyday I wake up, it feel’ like my fucking birthday.” Let that line meditate within you for just a moment. Unless you have shitty memories of past birthdays, I’d imagine that waking up everyday, feeling like you’re gonna party like it’s your birthday, so to speak, you’d be pretty fucking stoked.

Spank Rock evokes that feeling of being stoked on partying, and babes, rapping about a “Girl gone wild like she on a vacation” and being “So deep in pussy” that you “need flotation.” While his rhymes and imagery are cool and clever, it’s the blend of hip-hop and electronic beats that make the party.

Spank Rock just released his sophomore album, Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar, and it’s a party from beginning to end. The opening track, “Ta-da” is simple and mellow, with a very consistent beat and some droning melodies. However, the next track “Nasty” speeds up and sets the fast-paced meter for the rest of the album. The combination of lyric and rhythm is reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine, minus the rock, add the electro. This influence is due in part to Boys Noize’s role in helping produce the album. The evidence is undeniably present, and this makes for a pretty bumping album. Check out “The Dance.”  It’s a definite standout. Spank Rock will be at Voyeur on Saturday Oct. 22.

26 October: White Denim

White Denim will be hitting up the House of Blues on Oct. 26 alongside Manchester Orchestra, and with White Denim having been voted Best Rock Band at SXSW by Gorilla vs. Bear (four times in a row now), it’s obviously a show that shouldn’t be missed. White Denim’s sound is indie, but in a harder, garagier more detailed way. It’s apparent when listening to their albums that they put a LOT of thought into each and every aspect of the songs they make, which is important in a day and age where anybody who knows anybody can get a record deal. True talent is hard to ignore, and that’s why White Denim is getting bigger every year.

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Smothered In Bass(nectar)

By Kaitlin Perry

Photo by Brian Smilowitz

Bassnectar needs no pre-article bio. He’s played music festivals worldwide and has done countless shiver-inducing remixes of such artists as The Pixies. His hair is long, his bass is loud and his fans are eclectic (to say the least). He seems to be living the dream of every DJ out there – but better. And here’s why.

It is my understanding that DJs like to be mysterious (i.e. Deadmau5 and his adorable mouse hat). They like to simply stand and bounce behind their laptops and other technological instrument gadget thingies and let their fans do all of the entertaining. But Bassnectar is different. Not only does he actually dance as he plays his music, but he also talks to the crowd, letting them know when he’s gonna slow it down or speed it up and checking in on them to make sure everyone is doing okay. If I had asked the guy to my right, who was so happy all he could do was stand in one place and smile with the widest eyes I’d ever seen, how is night went he’d probably say Bassnectar was his new best friend. Though some might say drugs were the reason for this guy’s emotions, I say it was the personable DJ surrounded by all of those giant screens.

Bassnectar played all of the favorites, including his sing-a-long remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” and the ever-catchy “Basshead,” as well as a few beats I hadn’t heard live before. Having seen Bassnectar twice already (R.I.P. San Diego Street Scene), I wasn’t expecting to hear or feel anything new from this artist, but I was pleasantly mistaken and have decided that this was one of the best DJ sets I’ve ever seen. The positive energy was tangible, despite the amount of weirdos in the crowd, and the music was impressive – a welcome change from the music played in P.B. bars.

Some highlights? The 40-year-old man in a leather biker vest and yellow tutu; the girl in fuzzy boots who didn’t know how to dance (she could only stomp backward and forward); the shiny confetti that dropped onto the crowd during “Lights”; the circle of girls that impressively dropped it to the floor during Dev’s “Bass Down Low”; the fact that 90% of the crowd didn’t go to UCSD (home of the RIMAC Arena); running into unexpected friends (always a plus). For those that missed out, don’t fret. This show was only the beginning of a brand new tour. Check out Bassnectar’s site for upcoming dates.


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