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Bigger And Clearer Is Better And Wetter

By Kaitlin Perry

My dad’s friend, Chris, was visiting from New Zealand last week so that he could peruse various locations full of collectible antiques (or junk as some may say). Though his focus was mainly on car parts for hot rods and the like, he came across these large glass water jugs (pictured left). Though I have no idea what he planned on using them for, my mom came up with a snazzy idea of her own – use them as oversized flower vases.

My mom assumed that the glass jugs left on her deck must have been too big for Chris to ship back to New Zealand. Rather than have my dad hide them away in his garage, she filled them with water and various flower clippings, all of which have long stems that reach the bottom of their new home.

The salvia and sweet peas in this particular jug are highlighted by the antique chairs on their sides, as well as their tendency to droop as a result of their size. Nevertheless, they look beautiful, rustic and far from thirsty.


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